Services & Rates

- First class is always free for locals!

- Complimentary yoga mat, water bottle, props and towel rental

-Water cooler available as well as fruit infused water!

- Change rooms and lockers available onsite

- Complimentary tour of the facility to ensure comfort and safety for beginners and advanced yogis alike

Punch Passes

Drop In: $14

5 Punch Pass: $65

10 Punch Pass: $120

20 Punch Pass: $220

30 Punch Pass: $300

+GST on all prices

Punch Passes:

-NEVER expire

- Can be used towards all yoga classes excluding specialty registered classes or events

- Can not be shared between multiple people, exchanged or refunded

Unlimited Monthly Yoga

$99/ Month +GST

-Perfect for those practicing twice or more per week.

- Require a stored payment method via credit card

- Written email request for cancellation or pause (you may pause your membership for a minimum of one week to a maximum six months, one time per month)

- Minimum 3 month commitment

Private Yoga Sessions

Private Yoga Class:

$20 per person

Minimum age is at the discrepancy of the instructor

(Minimum 4 people / Maximum 25 people)

With your own group of friends, come enjoy a privately taught class of yoga, with many options to choose from.

Private Yoga Lesson

one-on-one: $70 / hour

Book a private yoga lesson, and have one on one time with one of our professional instructors to strengthen your practice

Yoga Studio Rental

$20 /hour (Unheated)

-For rental terms and detail inquiries, please call the store

Yoga Class Descriptions

For more details please click on the class you are interested in under the "Class Schedule" tab

For questions on which class may be best for you, please call the store and talk to one of our staff members who will be happy to help 

Warm Foundations

Perfect for beginners, learn the basics of yoga such as proper alignment and deep breathing. Learn all the benefits and terminology to prepare you for other classes.


A quiet and simple practice, works deeply into your body. It targets your deepest tissues of the body, your connective tissues. While holding each pose for 2-3 minutes.

Hot/ Warm Flow

Warm Flow (28-35 Degrees)/ Hot Flow (35-42 Degrees): This class is directed to improving breath with movement, builds strength, flexibility and helps stabilizes your core, in a heated room. Movements such as sun salutations, standing, balancing, seated, twisting postures and more.

Heated Yoga Fusion

Focuses on strengthening the small muscle groups of the body's core muscles in the back and abdominals. Pilates movements, balance yoga by offering intense targeted resistance exercises followed by controlled stretching. Both practices involve attaining specific postures, emphasizing correct breathing and meditation.

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Rocket Yoga

This Class will challenge you with fast flowing constant movement and deep breathing. This class helps takes your yoga to the next level. Works on arm balances, inversions, and intermediate poses all mix together.

Registered/ Specialty Classes & Events

Sessions can range in weekly length or a few days of a specialty program, guest instructor, Prenatal Yoga, Lunch Yin, Couples Yin, Rocket 123, and so much more! keep your eyes peeled for the next event!